Canal Zone Scouting
circa 1945 - 1947

1.  Cub Scout Puppet Show.  Cubs sitting in front, L to R-- ?, Donald Tribe (?), Wiliam Clarke, Earl Boland, Lanny Gunn, David Otten (?), ?, ?.  Donald Boland standing the back on Right (about 1945)

2.  Cub Scout Pack awards dinner upstairs in Diablo Clubhouse (about 1945)

3.  Cub Scout Pack ballgame at picnic at Summit Gardens (about 1946)

4.  Contestants in Cub Scout Kit flying contest behind old Diablo Elementary School (about 1946).  L to R-- girl, Earl Boland, William Clarke, ?, Chuck Walsh (?), ?, David Otten, ?,?, Don Boland behind last Cub.  Harold Fullman behind Chuck Walsh.  I believe the tall male leader on the left was Mr. Edgerton.  Cub Pack 4, Dens 1 & 2 (2/46)

5.  Winners -- Wiliam Clarke - best made kite, Earl Boland - oddest kite that flies, and Chuck Walsh - highest flying kite (2/46)

6.  Three legged race at Cub Scout Pack picnic at Summit Gardens (about 1946)

7.  Cub Scout Earl Boland and Boy Scout Don Boland (1945)

8.  In uniform, front row Cub Scouts William, Lanny Gunn, David Otten; second row - Earl Boland, Donald Tribe, ?, Den Chief Don Boland, ? (about 1945-46)

9.  Boy Scout Troop 4 of Corozal.   Front L to R -- _Sandifer, ?, ?, Bill Nickisher, ?, ?, ?.  Second row -- ?, Howard Hanners, Max Kurrillo, Don Boland, Ron Stone (?), Al Neckar, Frankie Nolan, John Remington.  Back row -- Harold Fullman (?), Jim Lovejoy, Palmer Smith, Bill Kern, Dito Smith, Mr. Edgerton, Wally Olhoeft, Don Crenshaw (?), ?, ?, ?.  I remember many of the other faces, but can't match a name (about 1946).

10.  Armed Forces Day.  L to R -- Don Boland, Bill Kern, Bill Knight, Ron Stone, Max Kurillo (about 1945)

11.  Scout Camp in the Forest Preserve

12.  The same camp L to R -- ?, Ron Stone (?), Al Neckar, Don Boland, John Remington (?), and Mr. Edgerton (?).

13.  Camporee at Ft. Kobbe about 1947.   Master firebuilder Marvin Smith, 3rd from R Earl Boland, Marvin's brothers Gilbert and Charles

14.  Same Camporee, Fire builder Don Boland in foreground.

15.  Sea Scouts, Don Croco front center, L to R -- leaders Mr. Chapin (?), Skipper Lewis Hines, Sea Scounts standing except top 3 -- ?, ?, Leroy Lundy, ?, Don Boland, Dito Smith, Boo Wallace, Jim Dodd, Joe Crawford, ?. Top 3 -- ?, Richard Croco, Bryan Sealy (?)

16.  At Sea Scout Ship #8 sitting in front, L to R -- Marvin Banton (?), Bill Kern, ?, Doug Suddaby (?), Don Croco, Joe Crawford, ?, ?, ?.  Standing front row, half of Wendell Spreadbury, Jim Dodd, _ Wallace, Jim Neabrey, ?, ?, Don Boland, Don Crenshaw (?), Boo Wallace, ?.  Can't recognize any in back.

17.  Sea Scout Ship #8, SSS Barracuda, showing its dock and some of the smaller boats (Diablo Spinning Club).

18.  Looking over floating dock and some of our smaller boats.

19.  A group of Mariners.  Front L to R -- Ann "Rusty" (?), Naomi Witkin, Real: Richard "Boo" Walace, Marilyn Sealy, Budd Chapin, Marjorie Kelly, Leroy Lundy, Roberta Holander, Marvin Wheeler, Bea Reyes (about 1947).

20.  L to R -- Marilyn Sealy, Ann "Rusty" (?), Marjorie Kelly, Roberta Hollander, Naomi Witkin, Bea Reyes, Mrs. Wood

21.  Pedro Miguel. Center Front - Carolyn Corn

Photos Contributed by Don Boland

June 27, 2001