The Panama Canal Authority is in the process of replacing the original large bullwheels and mitre gate machinery which operate the lock gates of the Panama Canal.  The new equipment will be hydraulic.  These pictures were taken in 1974 by Bill Caddle as he went on a canal transit.

bull wheel (2).jpg (22134 bytes)
Bullwheels at Miraflores Locks

bull wheel.jpg (30111 bytes)
Bullwheel at Miraflores Locks

strut arm pulling in.jpg (37094 bytes)
Strut Arm (top of gate) attached to working bullwheel machinery
Gatun Locks

Strut Arm.jpg (26278 bytes)
Close-up of Strut Arm - Gatun Locks

strut arms close.jpg (40640 bytes)
Gatun Lock Gate Closed

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August 5, 2001