1904 - 1999
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balboaele.jpg (31498 bytes)
Balboa Elementary
originally Balboa High School

bhspic.jpg (74570 bytes)
Balboa High School

chsfiori.jpg (57277 bytes)
Cristobal High School
Coco Solo

diabloele.jpg (56213 bytes)
Diablo Elementary School

gatunele.jpg (34767 bytes)
Gatun Elementary School

losriosele.jpg (25595 bytes)
Los Rios Elementary

N Cristobal Elem 47.jpg (54054 bytes)
New Cristobal Elementary

nmargelementary40s.jpg (42610 bytes)
North Margarita Elementary

NMargSchoolGymHosp49.jpg (108502 bytes)
North Margarita Elementary

ParaisoElem53.jpg (63433 bytes)
Paraiso Elementary

RainbowCityElem.jpg (48469 bytes)
Rainbow City Elementary

RainbowCityHS.jpg (25135 bytes)
Rainbow City High School

AnconGraduates.jpg (59135 bytes)
Ancon High School
Class 1912-1913

Canal_ Zone_Junior_College_1939.JPG (31889 bytes)
Canal Zone Jr. College

gorgonaschool04.JPG (44028 bytes)
Gorgona School

EmpireSchool.jpg (60286 bytes)
Empire School

schbug.jpg (55439 bytes)
School Carriage!

gamboa40b.jpg (179498 bytes)
Gamboa Elementary

FtClaytonElem.jpg (48992 bytes)
Ft. Clayton Elementary

CocoSoloElem.jpg (53763 bytes)
Coco Solo Elementary

freeschool.jpg (77633 bytes)
Free School - Gorgona

laboca_school1.jpg (48052 bytes)
La Boca School

labocasch.jpg (27955 bytes)
La Boca Elementary School

oldchs.jpg (65515 bytes)
Cristobal High School

czc1.jpg (160967 bytes)
Canal Zone College
later Panama Canal College

diabele40.jpg (23693 bytes)

Diablo Elementary School...

olddiabelem.jpg (59720 bytes)

...later became the Junior High School,

diabjrhigh.jpg (18339 bytes)

and then Special Ed.

CJHS.jpg (38160 bytes)
Curundu Junior High

CJHS_Front.jpg (63201 bytes)
Curundu Jr. High - front

curjrhigh.jpg (32023 bytes)
...and the dome!

CJHS_Seal.jpg (32381 bytes)
Curundu Jr. High Plaque

BalboaJrHigh.jpg (12687 bytes)
Balboa Junior High

pmschool.jpg (52994 bytes)
Pedro Miguel Elementary (1920)

Cocolischool.jpg (24512 bytes)
Cocoli Elementary

PODiablo.jpg (34493 bytes)
Diablo Kindergarten
formerly Diablo Commissary and Post Office

curunduele.jpg (24408 bytes)
Curundu Elementary...

curunduele2.jpg (28650 bytes)
...and again

bhsaerial.jpg (172064 bytes)
BHS from Sosa Hill
shows Jr. High, Jr. College, high school, gym & athletic fields

stmary.jpg (45873 bytes)
St. Mary's School
While not part of the CZ School system, it was located in the Canal Zone

pmschooltoday2.jpg (63191 bytes)
Pedro Miguel...

pmschooltoday3.jpg (59370 bytes)
...Elementary School

pmschtoday1.jpg (51929 bytes)

SchoolSanMiguel.jpg (32145 bytes)
San Miguel School

SchoolPrimaryGatun1912.jpg (97597 bytes)
Gatun Primary School-1912

EmpireSchoolColored.jpg (93847 bytes)
School Garden
Empire School

BalboaESchool.jpg (288031 bytes)
Flag Drill - Closing Exercises
Balboa School
June 25, 1920

Where'sTheHighSchool.jpg (324701 bytes)
Balboa Playground
Halloween Party
October, 1919

CurunduElem.jpg (72207 bytes)
Model of Curundu Jr. High

EBS2a.jpg (160617 bytes)
East Balboa Annex
Grades 1-6, 1939
later Boys Dorm CZJC

On Balboa Rd. across Street from St. Mary's School

LHS1a.jpg (153910 bytes)
Lodge Hall School, Balboa Road opposite Union Church
Grades 2-4

F&GC6.jpg (76522 bytes)
Music Building and Balboa Fire Station.   Taken before the Junior College or BHS was built.  Building later also used as ROTC bldg.

TEMSC4z.jpg (218316 bytes)
View shows new Balboa School, circled is the wooden structure (moved a couple of times) that was the school, later used for many other purposes before being torn down. 1917

tEMP8A.jpg (121385 bytes)
Better view of wooden school (on left) later moved.  Note - no palm trees on Prado!

LaBocaHigh.jpg (50239 bytes)
La Boca Occupational High School (later - Canal Zone College)

paraisohs.jpg (21712 bytes)

Paraiso High School

class99.jpg (107853 bytes)
Balboa High School -Last Fling! May 1999


BHSPlaquea.gif (64691 bytes)
BHS Plaque

Pictures contributed: Jay French, Skeeter Hirons, Jos Bell, Valerie Krueger, Lesley Hendricks, Bob Hardman, BillyMac, Louis Barbier, Franz Kuo, George Chevalier, Don Boland, Art Mokray, Bill Fall, Bill Caddle, David Hogan.  Some are official Panama Canal Company or Isthmian Canal Commission photographs.

CHS~CS.jpg (79448 bytes)
CHS Bell
Elaine Asbury & Ken Cooper

The History of Canal Zone Schools is the theme of an exhibit to be presented by the Panama Canal Museum at the the Annual Panama Canal Society Meetings in Tampa, FL July 5-July 8, 2000.

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July 12, 2016

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