Tropical Trees

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AckeeTree.jpg (97999 bytes)
Ackee Tree

AlmondTree.jpg (74663 bytes)
Almond Tree

AutographTree.jpg (77548 bytes)
Autograph Tree

BananaTree.jpg (76084 bytes)
Banana Tree

Banyan.jpg (90260 bytes)
Banyon Tree

BreadfruitTree.jpg (94817 bytes)
Breadfruit Tree

CannonballTree.jpg (101147 bytes)
Cannonball Tree

CashewNutTree.jpg (43355 bytes)
Cashew Tree

CoconutTree.jpg (78262 bytes)
Coconut Tree

GuavaTree.jpg (85338 bytes)
Guava Tree

JacarandaTree.jpg (63388 bytes)
Jacaranda Tree

MangoTree.jpg (87156 bytes)
Mango Tree

Palms.jpg (85721 bytes)
Palm Tree

PapayaTree.jpg (81784 bytes)
Papaya Tree

RoseApple.jpg (75059 bytes)
Rose Apple Tree

SquirterTree.jpg (92721 bytes)
African Tulip Tree

From: Tropical Trees Found in The Caribbean, South America, Central America, and Mexico
By Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves

Background Photo:  Banyon Tree, Bayano Street,Ancon Lesley Hendricks

May 15, 2001