The End of the "Chief Aptakisic"

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Photos Courtesy of Richard Bailey

These are probably the last pictures taken of the "Chief Aptakisic" and are not of the best quality.   I took them one morning from my boat as I was fishing around San Jose Rock just outside of Flamingo Island (these pictures are dated August 1982). I thought it a little strange that a south-bound transiting U.S tug (not Pan Canal) would be hauling ass at 12 knots or so with the "Chief" in tow. It seems as if a deal was made for the tug to tow the "Chief" out to sea and sink her which, I guess, is what happened. I understand the final resting place was off of Cape Mala. I have no idea who had the final say but it was probably for the best as the boat was sort of a hot issue back then as a lot of people had donated money and time and were promised trips which never happened. Also, the PCC had spent a lot of money under the table getting the boat ready for the big trip to New York, so I think the "gumshoes" were looking for something to sink their teeth into. Add all that up plus the fact that the boat itself was a disaster -- Ferro Cement with the iron re-bar bleeding thru -- it was time to get rid of it. Whoever built the boat did not do a very good job. Anyway, that's the way it went.

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October 4, 1998

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