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THE VITAL STATISTICS of the three-span, arch-truss type, high-level
Thatcher Ferry Bridge (Bridge of the Americas) are:

Length:  5,425 feet in 14 spans, abutment to abutment
Longest span:  1,128 feet, across channel
Height above water:  201 feet clearance at high tide
Height to highest point:  384 feet above mean sea level
Width of approach spans:  34 foot roadway, with three traffic lands, and a 4-foot walk
Roadway: 7-inch reinforced concrete
Foundations:  Reinforced concrete abutments and piers resting on firm rock or on reinforced concrete caissons which extend down to firm rock
Designer:  Svedrup & Parcel & Associates, Inc., of St. Louis

Contractors and bid prices, major contracts:
Substructure: Fruin Colnon International, S.A. -Le Boeuf & Dougherty,Inc., a joint venture, of St. Louis.
  John F. Beasley Construction Co., Dallas
West approach:
L. R. Sommer, Panama
East approach and paving of both east and west approaches:
Bildon, Inc., Panama
Tivoli Ave. widening and extension:
Isthmian Constructors, Inc.

Total estimated cost:  $20 million dollars

Presented by CZBrats
The Panama Canal Review, April 6, 1962
October 4, 1998

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