Cayuco Race - 1999
Reported by Eva Anderson
From: Canal Record - June 1999

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The 1999 "End of an Era" Cayuco Race was won by Gamboa, Post 10.  The Misconception, paddled by Kris Gibson, Armando Gundin, Romel Diaz and David Chase completed the race in 5 hours, 22 minutes, 58 seconds.   The Misconception also won the Regatta Cup held in Gamboa.  The crew trained hard, knowing it was the last cayuco race.  Gamboa's Llori and Jay Gibson (a veteran paddler of eight years and coach/mentor to many paddlers since 1985) had been waiting for 12 years to see the Misconception win the first stretch.  The cayuco was built in 1985 and entered into its first race in 1986.  The Gamboa post also had winners in other categories.  The girl's crew of Deception placed in second place (6:28:04).  Other local groups participated and 15 people came from Washington, DC to compete.  The group from Washington, DC copied the training practices of the crew from the Misconception and actually won in their category.  When it came time to enter the locks for the partial transit, access was denied, but the paddlers didn't let that slow them down.   Mark (BHS'72) and Katherine (Simons-BHS'75) Heddaeus are very proud of their daughter Jillian's accomplishments during the cayuco race.  Jillian paddled in the Jungle Crews along with Hillary Underwood, Katie Huerbsch, and Gisella West, winning all five stretches of the cayuco race and breaking the overall female record by two minutes (6:02:22).   The crew of the Predator, paddled by Christy Ford, Tommy Morris, Denise (Alberga) Winkler, Willy Palm and Reyna Royo received a trophy for 2nd place in the Patch Category, coming in behind the professional paddlers from Washington, DC.

Once again, the race was a great success due to the continued support of Rick Williams, Hugh Thomas, Jean Brandenburg, Peggy Huff, Jeanne Rupp, Billy McGann, Marcus Ostrander and Ed and Kari McIlvaine.

June 20, 1999

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