Cruise Ship Breaks Own Panama Canal Tolls Record During Transit
by Teresa Arosemena
The Panama Canal Spillway - April 24, 1998

The cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas, operated by the Royal Caribbean Crise Line, broke its own tolls reord on April 15, by paying $165,235.58 for its most recent south-bound transit through the waterway.  Its previous record was established a year ago when the vessel made its maiden transit of the Canal.

The luxurious vessel, built in the Kvaerner Masa Shipyard in Helsinki, Finland, was launched in April 1997.  At 915-feet in length, 105.6 feet in beam and weighing 75,000 Panama Canal net tons, the Rhapsody of the Seas is the largest passenger ship to ever transit the Canal.

During the summer, the vessel, which can carry up to 2,400 pasengers, offers cruises that depart from Vancouver, Canada, and visits different locations in Alaska. During the winter, onthe other hand, the Rhapsdy of the Seas changes its venue to a totally opposite course and offers seven-day tours arund the Caribbean, including stops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Cuaracao, Saint Martin, Saint Thomas, and the Virgin Islands.

Creature comforts offered by this prestigious cruise ship include a luxurious two-story dining area, a library, indoor and outdoor pools, casinos and gymnasiums.

C. Fernie & Co. represents the vessel at the Panama Canal.

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December 24, 1998

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