Make a good stew of 1 lb. pork, 1 1/2 lbs. chicken.  Use plenty of seasoning, (onion, tomatoes, garlic, thin green celery, parsley, scallion, vinegar, capers, sweet peppers and a small piece of hot pepper) so as to get enough gravy to mix with the paste.

Put 1 lb. hominy in cool water and boil it 1 hour.  When cool, grind it to a fine paste, season it with enough gravy, add a litle more salt if necessary.   Ten extend portions of the paste on banana leaves and put on the stewed ingredients (a small piece of pork, of chiken, two or more olives, depending on size, capers, blanched almonds, raisins, pickle, a piece of hot pepper and a tablespoon full of the gravy).   Cover this with more paste, and then join the edges well.  Then wrap carefully in the banana leaves and tie with twine.

Cook in boiling water salted to taste, for twenty minutes.   Eat hot or cold.

The banana leaves must be previously dipped into hot water, and dried for softening, or pass quickly over light flame.

Mrs. Horacio C. Stevenson