This delicious dish may be made with any kind of fowl, but the most satisfactory is the quail.  In certain Central American countries the principal ingredient is fish.

First.   Pluck, draw and prepare a quail for cooking.  Place it in a deep oven dish and cover it with olive oil and cook it until it is tender.  Then remove it from the oil and place the quail in a casserole.

Second.  Cut up into fine pieces various kinds of vegetables—peas, beans, carrots, peppers, celery, onions, parsley, etc., and place in a dish filled with the olive oil in which the quail was boiled.  Add to this quantity of olive oil, from three to four times as much sweetened vinegar or wine and then place one or two bay or laurel leaves and a half a bean of garlic in the liquid.  Boil this mexture until the vegetables are tender.   Season to taste.

Third.  Pour the liquid contents over the quail in the casserole.  Place in the ice box for two to three days and serve ice cold.  The above is for one quail.

Capt. A.S. Hickey, U.S.N.