cooked chicken or veal
orange or tinned mandarine
cooked green peas
anchovy fillets
Take the required number of grapefruit, cut them in halves, scoop out the pulp and reserve it.  Scrape away as much of the pith as possible.  Wipe the skins and cut the edges in a dog's tooth pattern (this is quickly done with scissors).  Line the skins with crisp lettuce leaves, finely shredded.

Mix together neat pieces of cooked chicken or veal, a little piece of the grapefruit pulp. a few sections of orange or tinned mandarine (this is prettier) and some cooked gren peas.

Moisten with mayonnaise (plain or savoury) and pile into the grapefruit skins.

Cover with mayonnaise and decorate with mandarine sections and strips of anchovy fillets.

Serve on a bed of lettuce.

The remainder of the grapefruit can be used for another occasion, such as being served as an accompaniment to a dish of cold meat.