Rabbit (French Style)
Curried Veal or Other Meats
Savoury Steak
Mousse of Tongue
Spiced Ham
Pork Chops Financier
Meat Loaf
Danish Meat Dish
Johnny Mosetti
Beef Olives
Spaghetti and Meat Balls
Seamen's Delight
Swedish Cabbage Rolls
Devilled Ham
Ham Loaf
Ham and Scalloped Ptatoes
Norwegian Meat Dish
Mock Sweetbreads
Toad in the Hole
Left Overs
Dutch Liver Oysters
Liver Casserole
Tongue with Almonds
Mock Filet Mignon
Devonshire Sausage Cakes
Savoury Apples
Chartreuse of Tripe
Broiled Ham Slice
Pigs in a Blanket
Spaghetti Delicious
Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding #2
Mousse of Ham