Serving about 8

2 lbs. of tenderloin
3 lbs. of potatoes
3 tablespoons of butter
3 teaspoons of salt
1/4 or more teaspoon of white pepper
Some beef broth

Thinly slice the tenderloin, pound the slices and brown them in butter in a hot frying pan.  Butter a good size casserole and put in a first layer of peeled and sliced raw potatoes, thereafter, a layer of the slices of meat, another one of the potatoes and one of the meat, and the last one of potatoes, sprinkling in between with the pepper and salt.   Pour over the contents in the dish, the browned butter from the frying pan and add some beef broth at hand.  Bake in hot oven and serve warm, directly from the casserole.  Good with sliced fried onions.

Mrs. Hans Elliot