To prepare the avocado for serving, peel, and remove the stone.

The avocado is used for salads, and as an hors d'oeuvre in the form of a cocktail.   French Dressing, well seasoned, is the preferred dressing, but mayonnaise, especially Russian Dressing, may be served.

For a simple salad, cut the pear into halves lengthwise; peel and remove the stone from center.   Fill the cavity from which stone was removed with French dressing, made with fresh lime juice or lemon juice, oil and seasonings.  Cream cheese to which is added a highly seasoned French dressing, to make the consistency of mayonnaise, is a good dressing for the fruit.

The avocado, or aligator pear, may be cut into slices lengthwise and combined with hard-cooked egg, also cut in slices.  Place a slice of pear on a leaf of romaine, on this a slice of egg, and over it put Russian Dressing.

The avocado is at its best when the pulp can be spread like butter.