Tropical Fruit Salad

4 tsp. Fruit Fresh
2 pkg. Equal (optional)
2 c. seedless green grapes
1/2 fresh pineapple, chunked
2 bananas, sliced in large chunks
1 pt. fresh strawberries, halved
1 can (4oz.) unsweetened

apple juice
3 c. watermelon balls or bite size chunks
1/2 to 1 cantaloupe, bite sized chunks or balls
1/2 to 1 honey dew melon, cut into bite sized chunks
4 nectarines or peaches, sliced
(papaya or mango may be used)

Dissolve Fruit Fresh in apple juice and put in a large bowl.  Add banana and nectarine and marinate to be sure all fruit is dampened to prevent karkening.  Add all other fruit pieces and toss.  If salad seems too tart, add Equal one packet at a time (remove some of the juice to dissolve Equal in, then pour over salad, tossing to mix well).  Serve immediately or store covered in refrigerator up to three days.

This salad also makes an elegant dessert when served in stemmed sherbet dishes and garnished with a sprig of mint.

Brenda Camp