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Cross-Section of Lock Chamber and Walls, Gatun Locks

A.  Culvert in Center Wall
B.  Connections between center and lateral culvert
C.  Lateral Culvert
D.  Wells Opening from lateral culverts into lock chamber
E.  Culvert in Side Wall
F.  Drainage Gallery
G.  Gallery for electric wires
H.  Passageway of operators

There will be three main culverts extending the full length of the locks, one in each of the side walls and one in the middle wall.  The side-wall culverts are 22 feet in diameter from the intake at the south end of the upper locks to a point 320 feet north, where they are reduced to 18 feet, at which diameter they will continue to the end. a distance of about 3,500 feet.  the culvert in the middle wall is 22 feet in diameter from its south end to a point 120 feet north, where it also will be reduced to 18 feet, at which diameter it will continue to the end, a distance of about 3,500 feet.  Lateral culverts in the form of an ellipse will run in the floor from and at right angles to the main culverts at intervals of 32 and 36 feet, leading alternately from the side and middle culverts.   Water will be delivered or collected by each lateral culvert through five openings or wells in the floor.  Valves, which may be opened or closed either individually or all at one time, will be located at the intakes and outlets of the main culverts, and at the connections between the center culverts and the lateral culverts.  In the center space of the middle wall there will be a tunnel, divided into three stories or galleries.   The lowest gallery is for drainage; the middle, for the wires that will carry the electric current to operate the gate and valve machinery, which will be installed in the center wall, and the top, a passageway for the operators.