Balboa High School
Class of 1963 - 35th Reunion
Orlando, Florida - July 1998

BHS63_98.jpg (53828 bytes)

First row: Sonia Bowker, Maggie Reyes, Fran Yost, Mike Albanese, Annette Rybicki, Eddie Lynn Lowande, Richard Levee;  Middle Row:  Mac Lane, Lesley Hendricks, Betsy Mallory, Joella Jenkins, Peggy Flynn, Diane Sparks, Lewis French, Garth Feeney; Top Row: Jack Paterson, Richard Morse, Barbara Dombrowsky, Tommie Martin, Ray Burda, Roger Suarez, Carlos Beechner, Chuck Darcy.  "Forgot" what time the picture session was:  Allen Steiner, Jeanne Walker, Mary Lerchen, Bill Eldredge, Warren Ashton, Ed Wilder, Bob Boatright, Buddy Dempsey, Gibby Freund, Sandy Halliday, Kerry McCoy, Rowdeeeee McDonell, Pat Meriwether,  Nancy Morency, Sue Roberts, Chris Skeie, Diane Stephenson, Robert Thompson, and others my brain can't recall right now!!

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