A Tribute to Balboa High School
1914 - 1999

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BHS Alma Mater

Balboa High, do or die
You're the school we all love the best.
Fight to win, don't give in
and you will always stay above the rest.
Red and White, may it fly
as the emblem of our team so brave.
Balboa High, you're the best
and we'll stay with you til the end or die!!

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Dear BHS,
The Bulldogs -- young, old, and even older -- are gathering to bid you a fond farewell.   There will be plenty of tears on May 15th at the reality of losing you to history.   After all, you are the last visage of our carefree youth. 

Your walls hold the echoes of generations of CZBrats that traveled through your halls and sat in your classrooms.  Your floors are now worn and your stairs have rounded.   This shows we used you well.  We are  sorry about the headaches  you endured first thing every school day when we slammed those locker doors shut almost in unison.  You suffered with us through all our trials and tribulations.  You heard all the secrets whispered between friends and lovers.   You rejoiced when someone "finally" figured out that quadratic equation.   You were jubilant when the Bulldogs triumphed over the Tigers (weren't we all!) and you commiserated with us when we were mauled by those alley cats.  You trembled when the Air Force pilots knocked some tiles off your roof.  You were saddened when you became the focus of an international political incident.  You raised your eyebrows at some of our shenanigans.  You laughed at the ridiculous fashion statements and hairstyles.  Remember the day ten people came to school with Mohawks and were sent home?  They returned the next day with  shaved heads.  You did a thumbs up on that one.   You empathized when someone was sent to the Assistant Principal's office -- even if they really deserved to be there.  You witnessed all the highs and lows of teenage angst.  You  watched learning take place.  You exhalted when we soared to greater heights.  And yes, you know who pulled the fire alarm during final exams, but you promised never to tell!

Some of us haven't seen you since the day we graduated; but we always knew that you were there performing admirably for those that came after us.  And now you've seen the last of your students gather their belongings from the lockers and saunter off into the world.  Your halls and classrooms are empty, soon to be utilized for something very different from that to which you had been accustomed.  We know that you're feeling a bit forlorn right now and wondering how you'll adjust to this new situation.  Well, BHS, you helped prepare us to go forward into the vast unknown, so we all know that you can do it too.

As we celebrate this graduation of your last class, the Class of 1999, amid the tears will also be laughter as we "fondly remember the days from September to early in June."  Those of us who can't physically be with you send regards and wish you well.  You aren't gone, because you'll always occupy a place in our hearts and memories.  You won't be able to forget us either -- each of us left a little bit of ourselves behind.

Much love,
All your Bulldogs

May 12, 1999

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