Balboa High School
Class of 1949

If you have any information on any one of the "Missing List" below, please pass it on to us.  We believe we have current addresses on all of the other living class members; however, if you have recent information on others we would also appreciate what you have.

Please forward addresses, and any other information that you may have,
to one of the following:
Barbara Comber McDougal                    Tom Peterson

Don Boland

Missing List:

Ashton, Jerry * Atkinson, June Plummer * Austin, Robert L. * Berry, Martha * Berry, Robert * 
Colombani, Marjorie Gladys * Colombani, Francis Albert * Combs, Corinne * Cruz, Martha Ines * Edwards, Richard * Fabrega, Ernesto B. * Fuller, Helen Louise * Grimaldo, Estela *  Hall, Jackie * Hansen, Jack Richard * Harrison, Robert  *   Johnstone, Ben F. * Lawton, Martha * Marion, Clarise * Mateau, Carmen Maria * Miller, Cecilia Marie* Miller, Vera* Murphy, Virginia M.* Perino, Blanca Ada * Ponce, Amelia* Rowen, Virginia Loretta * Schuler, David Clifford * Scott, Nancy * Serocki, Stanley T. * Vigil, Dalila Grace * Wright, Howard L.* Yates, Doreen * Zager, Cecilia

Presented by CZBrats
May 20, 2001

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