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"Coast To Coast"

The reviews are starting to come in! 
Here's what some are saying about our CD.....

"You have no idea how impatiently I have waited for your CD, From Coast to Coast.  You guys delivered "the goods"! Wow! After listening to the opening to All Day and All Night ( gawd bless you Dain!) I was riveted! When the third track-- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying--- well guys...sorry but I developed a crush on a guy from the OTHER-SIDE!  (One of my favorite songs) In fact this CD has all of my all time favorites! Did you guys do this on purpose!?  There were no "OOPS" in this CD. Lots of smooth vocals ...lots of emotion ei. Susie Q !!! You have achieved a great mix for us over 50 group and beyond (younger). You delivered just as I knew you would! (need a manager if you invested heavily in Enron?)

I was convinced that you were good back at the Ft. Gulick teenclub ( I was a groupy before there were groupies sad that I never told .

I am sorry I wasn't able to attend this year's reunion...wanted to ...but things just didn't fall into place. Heard you were not performing next year... JUST KNOW that I am so impressed with your CD...the professionalism etc. Can't wait to have my 34 yr old listen to this CD! HA! to see her face when I tell her....I know these guys!  Love you and THANK YOU MUCHO!  LOVE IT!!!!!! You couldn't have done it any better!   Love you, Rosa   PS. I cherish the signatures...very special. Thank you.  Gawd you are good! "

Karen Hammond


Jill arrived last night from America.  Had Leo Paulson pick up a copy of Coast to Coast and asked for a signed copy but he forgot that part.

Only listened to it a few times but loving it more each.

Good, tight, clean and pure rock 'n roll! Outsanding vocals/harmonies and Weber still got a sense of beat! Who dat on lead guitar?

Each selection played like it should...Great job Mon!

Are you selling anything outside CZ circle?

More comments as I spend time listening. When we can expect the secon' one mon?

Eskip (Skip Berger)

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