An Exclusive Offer

These items were turned over to the Panama Canal Society Foundation.  We're selling them and ALL monies except postage will go to the Panama Canal Museum.  This is a great way to have a fun item and to help support OUR Museum.  As of November 9 over $600 has been collected and turned over to the Museum.  Thanks to all of you for your tremendous support.   STILL have plenty of CHS t-shirts!!

tmiddle.jpg (60449 bytes)
Large Logo in Middle of T-Shirt

shorts.JPG (20514 bytes)
Logo on Bottom of Left Side of Gym Shorts

tleft.JPG (63716 bytes)
Left Side Logo on T-Shirt

These are high quality t-shirts.   The color is a bit more gold than depicted in the photos.  What can be said about the gym shorts!!  Hey, girls, you'll look good in these too.  Hmm, for some reason there were none of those bloomer gym outfits we used to have to wear.   Who cares what year is on the shirt -- you'll look good in it anyway. Yes, even Balboa, Paraiso, and Rainbow City High people can order these TIGER shirts and support the Museum.   AND -- everyone will look good and cause a commotion with the gym shorts.  Order yours now!!  Each item is $10 plus $3 shipping.  Order two items or more and the shipping will just be $3 for the total order.  Send order to:  Please specify size.   No -- they haven't been used!!  They are brand new and have been sitting around in storage.

T-shirt sizes:  Medium, Large, XLarge (XXLarge SOLD OUT!)
Gym shorts:  SOLD OUT!!

November 9, 1999

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