Panama Canal Construction Day Photos


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Dipper Dredge Gamboa Dipper Dredge Gamboa El Prado 1915 El Prado 1915 El Prado 1920 El Prado 1920 ElPrado 1920 El Prado 1915
Empire Police Station Canal Zone 1904 Empire Police Station 1904 Excursion train at Culebra 1910 Excursion Train 1910 French Dredge 1913 French Dredge 1913 French ship transiting Canal 1915 French Ship in Locks
Miraflores first water 1913 Miraflores' First Water 1913 Gamboa Stockade 1915 Gamboa Stockade 1915 Lidgerwood Unloader at Tabernilla Dumps Unloader at Tabernilla Dumps Looking North from Hodges Hill 1907 View from Hodges Hill
Miraflores Locks site 1908 Miraflores Locks 1908 Miraflores Locks view from Hodges Hill 1912 Miraflores Locks 1912 Pacific Terminals 1907 Pacific Terminals 1907 Panama Canal Motor Car Number 8 PCC Motor Car #8
Paraiso Pontoon Bridge 1914 Paraiso Pontoon Bridge 1914 PCC Administration Building under construction 1913 Administration Building Pedro Miguel Lock 1908 Pedro Miguel Locks 1908 Pedro Miguel Locks 1913 Pedro Miguel Locks 1913

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