8th Annual Weenie Ride
or CZ Boys and Their Toys!
October 15 - 17, 1999

WRFriNit1.JPG (78208 bytes)
Jackie & John Carlson

WRFriNit2.JPG (106234 bytes)
Ken Cooper & Sherrie Slice

WRFriNit3.JPG (111148 bytes)
John Gough & Bill Wiegle

WRFriNit4.JPG (109151 bytes)
John & Vera Hanna

WRFriNit5.JPG (108279 bytes)
Don & Sandy Nungester

WRSatMorn1.JPG (151394 bytes)
Getting the bikes ready - Jackie, Teddy, Jim, & Vera

WRSatMorn2.JPG (135343 bytes)
Putting the bikes on the road

WRSatMorn3.JPG (110599 bytes)
Checking them out

WRSatMorn4.JPG (128015 bytes)
Paula Ayers, Sandy Nungester, Phyllis Christoph,Vera Hanna, Jackie Calrson and Ted Henter

WRSatMorn5.JPG (142757 bytes)
John Hanna's Vintage Norton

WRSatMorn6.JPG (140164 bytes)
Phil Sanders' Vintage BSA

WRSatMorn7.JPG (154211 bytes)
Terry's Vintage Norton

WRSatMorn8.JPG (142384 bytes)
Jim Slice looking for HIS bike

WRSatMorn9.JPG (134492 bytes)
The Line-Up

WRSatMorn10.JPG (135469 bytes)
Starting Out

wrssat1c.jpg (114898 bytes)
Terry - last one to get it up

WRSat1A.JPG (82821 bytes)
Warning sign

wrsat1b.jpg (77855 bytes)
First Pit Stop

WRSat5.JPG (120382 bytes)
OK, Luckenbach is THAT way!

WRSat6.JPG (110561 bytes)
Luckenbach, TX

WRSat7.JPG (127247 bytes)
In Sisterdale

wrsat2a.jpg (118796 bytes)
Thank God for Pit Stops

wrsat2b.jpg (120624 bytes)
In Blanco for lunch

wrsat2c.jpg (127600 bytes)
Which way now?

WRSatNit1.JPG (84763 bytes)
The Gang

WRSatNit2.JPG (58675 bytes)
Vera & Ted

WRSatNit3.JPG (114659 bytes)
Jim, Ted, & Sherrie


Photos by
Chris Christensen

On Oct. 16th the 8th Annual Weenie Motorcycle Ride was held in New Braunfels, Texas.  CZBrats from around the country, as well as Panama. came to join the fun and festivities. The mood was set Friday evening at a dinner party held at John and Vera Hanna's house in San Antonio where stories of past rides were retold. 

Saturday morning everyone met at LJ and Phyllis Christoph's house in New Braunfels for coffee, empanadas, breakfast tacos, and coffee cake. The route was laid out by John Hanna and Chris Christensen several weeks prior to the event to include many "Texas Hill Country" sites while keeping to the back roads as much as possible. The first "Pit Stop" was the Sundowner Café and Saloon at Canyon Lake.  By then we had already lost 3 riders and the gas/beer truck. After waiting  about 45 minutes we decided to continue on since the truck was bringing up the rear and would assist any rider who may have had mechanical difficulties and then would be able to catch up with the main group.  Note ... the missing group had a map of the route we were taking. We then went on to the "Devil's Backbone" and down into Wimberley and on to Blanco were the missing riders were waiting for us. As it turns out it wasn't one of the bikes that broke down, it was the truck. They had gone back to LJ's house to get his other truck and had left the map there. Anyway we were all together again and had lunch before continuing on the last leg of the ride. From Blanco we went to Luckenbach where we took another pit stop then on back to get ready for the Saturday night party.  The finale was held at the Elks Lodge in New Braunfels where the day's events were rehashed many times before closing time at 1 A.M.

Everyone that started the ride, finished.  Ted Henter made the trip on the back of Bill Weigle's bike -- although at times it seemed the other way around!

Attendees: John & Vera Hanna, Jim & Sherrie Slice, Phil & Debbie Sanders, Bill Weigle, LJ & Phyllis Christoph, Chris Christensen, Al Schonert, Pat Fallon, Larry Christoph, Ned Rose, John &  Ellen Gough, Terry Webster, Paula & Randy Ayers, George Cotton, John & Jackie Carlson, Ted Henter, Kenny Cooper, Don & Sandy Nungester,  and Dean Blazie

October 23, 1999

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