1st Annual Guadelupe River Tube Trip
CZTexans Take A Ride!
September 11, 1999

The Guadelupe River
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Tubing1A.JPG (115401 bytes)
The Gang*

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Hitting the beach!

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LJ Cristoph

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Back: Colin, Chris, Lisa
Front: Bernie, Val, Pat

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Back: Chris, Colin, Walter
Front: Bernie, Val, Pat

Tubing7.JPG (124187 bytes)
Pat Fallon enjoying the rum

Tubing2.JPG (56141 bytes)
Bernie Everson & Val Krueger

The Gang* -- Dick and Ingrid Bryan, Bernie Everson, Val Krueger,
                Colin Creel, Walter Lenneville, Lisa and Pat Fallon.

Walter Lenneville ("The Organizer") arrived in New Braunfels about 7:00 pm Friday evening and gave me a call.   I met him at the Prickly Pear Bar at the Holiday Inn. Colin and  Bernie showed up before I left to get some Z's. "The Plan" was for everyone to meet in the lobby of the Holiday Inn at 9:00 am Saturday morning after breakfast and head up the river. Well, as Panama Time usually goes, it was almost 11:00 am before everyone showed up.  With beer and sodas iced down, we were on our way to the river outfitter. Pat Fallon and Bernie had brought their own Kayaks -- the rest of the group rented tubes. By 11:30 am the gang was on their way up river in the shuttle, and I was to meet them back at the outfitter in 3 hours. I guessed,  by the way things had progressed so far, that 4 hours would be more realistic so I returned at 3:30 pm. Their vehicles were still parked there, so I moseyed down to the river bank and in about 5 minutes here they come around the bend. From there we went back to the motel to get cleaned up and get dry clothes.   We headed to the Grist Mill Restaurant at Gruene for liquid refreshment and plenty of "Texas Red" -- beef that is.  We were joined by the Christophs and the Hunnicutts. A great time was had by all -- needless to say when a bunch of CZ Brats get together.  The plan is to continue this gathering on an annual basis, probably earlier in the summer because of faster water conditions.

Text and pictures contributed by Chris Christensen

September 21, 1999

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