A Collection of I.L. Maduro Postcards
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1914,Facing4thOfJulyAve.JPG (29497 bytes)
1914 Ancon

Facing 4th of July Ave.

Approach&WingWall.JPG (28647 bytes)
Gatun Locks Approach

BottomOfDitch.JPG (48944 bytes)
Culebra Cut

BucketDredge.JPG (24622 bytes)
Bucket Dredge

CulebraSlide.JPG (33694 bytes)
Slide at Culebra Cut

CulebraComplete.JPG (48430 bytes)

Culebra Cut

SuctionDredges.JPG (30722 bytes)
Suction Dredges

EarlierAncon.JPG (28507 bytes)
The 1st SS Ancon

HydraulicMonitors.JPG (32588 bytes)
Hydrulic Monitors
Pedro Miguel

InitialFlooding.JPG (40900 bytes)
Initial Flooding
Gatun Lake

LightPoles.JPG (28628 bytes)
Light Posts
Gatun Locks

PacificEntrance.JPG (22672 bytes)
Pacific Entrance


LineOfDredges.JPG (21899 bytes)
Line of Dredges

Dredge86a.jpg (47784 bytes)
Dredge #86


All with the exception of the pictures of the SS Ancon and 1914 Ancon are I.L. Maduro cards.
From the Everson Collection


April 8, 2000

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