A CZBrat Transits The Panama Canal

WelcomeToSanBlas.jpg (61626 bytes)
Coming in to shore at San Blas

HardRockCafe.jpg (24720 bytes)
Hard Rock Cafe - San Blas Branch

Molas+.jpg (92521 bytes)
Molas for Sale

TheyDance-WeShop.jpg (62302 bytes)
They dance - we shop

TooOldToSmoke.jpg (32755 bytes)
Too old to smoke!

Electricity=TV.jpg (18388 bytes)
Electricity = TV on San Blas

Cristobal@Dawn.jpg (39439 bytes)
At Dawn - Cristobal Port

MuleTrackConstGatun.jpg (22237 bytes)
Replacing Mule Track at Gatun Locks

EastBankNorthOfCut.jpg (47387 bytes)
East Bank - North of Cut

DrillBargeSouthOfCut.jpg (16858 bytes)
Drill Barge

SpoilsBargeNorthbound1.jpg (40607 bytes)
Taking the spoil ...

SpoilsBargeNorthbound2.jpg (54022 bytes)

NorthEndOfPM.jpg (57551 bytes)
North End of Pedro Miguel

WestBankNorthOfPM.jpg (56612 bytes)
West Bank, north of ...

WestBankNorthOfPM2.jpg (47074 bytes)
...Pedro Miguel

PRRties&rail@PM RRsta.jpg (53756 bytes)
PRR Railroad ties near old Pedro Miguel Station

BullWheelHalves.jpg (51406 bytes)
Bull Wheel Halves

BullWheelRecess.jpg (21588 bytes)
Bull Recess

NewConstSoOfMFViewingArea.jpg (58153 bytes)
New Construction at Miraflores

BalboaContainerPort.jpg (43346 bytes)
Balboa Container Port

FSUunderBridge2.jpg (48760 bytes)
Old CZ College -
New Florida State Campus

BYCpier&PanamaSkyline.jpg (42944 bytes)
Balboa Yacht with Panama City Skyline

NewHotelByBYC2.jpg (46125 bytes)
Country Inn Hotel under construction

Photos by:
The Eversons

The Eversons went through the Canal in April on the Holland America Lines Zaandam.
There are several of the Cut widening work, especially that taking place just north of Pedro Miguel locks on the West Bank.   It looked like that area would be wide enough for a tie off station for ships waiting to transit the Cut - but I'm not sure if that is the intent.  There was excavation going on on land (by contractor) and underwater (by APC Dredging Division resources).

Both Gatun and Miraflores seemed to have ongoing work to replace the bull wheels (that open the lock gates) with the new hydraulic apparatus.  Don't recall seeing replacement work at Pedro Miguel.

There is one photo of the PRR laying down ties in the vicinity of the old Pedro Miguel train station.  That structure is now gone (it was there last Xmas).

Some photos showing the Panama City skyline - granted, we were 6 decks above the water line, but we were surprised at how many tall buildings we could see behind the hills as the ship traveled from Miraflores out past the Fortified Islands.

The Country Inn by Carlson adjacent to the BYC at Amador does  not look to be complete.  Close, but not yet.

From the ship at anchor in Limon Bay we could see a whole forest of container cranes at Cristobal and Coco Solo - many more than at Balboa.

The tiny San Blas Island we stopped at hosts 61 cruise ships per year.  No dock, so we tendered in in the ships life boats.  1200 folks on our ship -  not all went ashore, but enough did that when added to the Cuna sales force,  we were all like angry ants climbing across our hill that had just been proded by a stick in the hands of some shoeless CZ brat.

May 19, 2001