How We Spent Our Summer Vacation!
Photos by the Everson Family

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justin~1.jpg (50582 bytes)
Justin at the helm of a PanCanal tug

Bottoms up.JPG (60045 bytes)
Testing the drinking age

Kids at Gov's.JPG (77897 bytes)
Katie, Justin and Teresia lounging at the Governor's House

Dredgin Division.JPG (109252 bytes)
Randy and Dredgin' Division sign

M, R & L at Gov's.JPG (119659 bytes)
Mary, Randy, and Lesley at home!!

Hotel Washington mascot (J7).JPG (64792 bytes)
Hotel Washington mascot

Air Force on Ancon Hill (J3).JPG (113488 bytes)
The Air Force atop Ancon Hill

T's new (alien) baby.JPG (82496 bytes)
Teresia with her inflatable backpack

Gov's White Wicker.JPG (84122 bytes)
White wicker at the Gov.'s house

New Causeway Lights (K2).JPG (70960 bytes)
New lights on the Causeway

Off the Causeway at Night (J17).JPG (79504 bytes)
Moon off the Causeway

Suction Dredge Mindi (J4).JPG (108361 bytes)
Suction Dredge

Christ Church by the Sea (J7).JPG (106915 bytes)
Christ Church by the Sea
Colon, R.P.

St. Lukes Exterior (K1).JPG (92269 bytes)
St. Lukes
Ancon, R.P.

Flag on Ancon Hill (K1).JPG (117187 bytes)
Flag atop Ancon Hill

Coconuts at Gorgona (J11).JPG (175065 bytes)
Coconuts at Gorgona

Flower 1 (J2).JPG (72729 bytes)

Flower 2  (J2).JPG (72318 bytes)

Flower 3  (J19).JPG (100333 bytes)
flowers of

Flower 4  (J19).JPG (99718 bytes)

August 27, 1999

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