How We Spent Our Vacation!
Part 2
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washfront.JPG (136544 bytes)
Washington Hotel

washback.JPG (105891 bytes)
Washington Hotel

Gambridge.JPG (97146 bytes)
The Gamboa Bridge

Akua-Yana.JPG (81712 bytes)
Akua-Yana Bridge Traffic

flatarch.JPG (176933 bytes)
The Flat Arch

Frplaza.JPG (85697 bytes)
French Plaza

Goldaltar.JPG (180083 bytes)
The Golden Altar

riomar.JPG (108492 bytes)
Rio Mar

Chinese.JPG (103785 bytes)
Chinese Room
Administrator's Residence

Katie.JPG (117206 bytes)
Katie learns to dance "typico"

Babybus.JPG (103272 bytes)
Mom and Baby Bus!!

Photos Courtesy of the Everson Family

August 31, 1999

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.  They may not be reproduced or copied by any method without the written permission of CZBrats.