A Daylight Transit OnBoard the M/V Vladivostok Senator
Full Container Vessel, Northbound Transit

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MF West approach.jpg (17219 bytes)
Miraflores - West Approach

MF Lake.jpg (28781 bytes)
Miraflores Lake

PM Locks approach.jpg (26888 bytes)
Pedro Miguel Locks Approach

PM West lane outage.jpg (31422 bytes)
Pedro Miguel West Lane Outage

PM West Dry chamber.jpg (52218 bytes)
Pedro Miguel Dry Chamber

PM West looking north.jpg (41740 bytes)
Pedro Miguel West Looking North

Dry Chamber looking north.jpg (46806 bytes)
Dry Chamber Looking North

Chamber bottom openings.jpg (28358 bytes)
Chamber Bottom Openings

Dry Chamber stairway.jpg (45897 bytes)
Dry Chamber Stairway

Floating equipment.jpg (43238 bytes)
Floating Equipment

Floating equipment Goliath.jpg (39820 bytes)
Floating Equipment Goliath

FE2.jpg.jpg (38589 bytes)
Working ...

FE3.jpg.jpg (55597 bytes)

cut1.jpg (23054 bytes)
Widening the Cut

cut2.jpg (24854 bytes)
Leaving Pedro Miguel Locks

cut3.jpg (27426 bytes)
Entering the Cut

Dredges hard at work.jpg (33035 bytes)
Dredges Hard At Work

Dipper Dredge.jpg (32228 bytes)
Dipper Dredge

Deep bite by dipper dredge.jpg (46464 bytes)
Deep Bite By Dipper Dredge

Dipper dredge scooping it up.jpg (29658 bytes)
Dipper Dredge Scooping It Up

Suction dredge Mindi at work, PM north approach.jpg (27710 bytes)
Suction Dredge Mindi At Work -- Pedro Miguel North

Suction dredge pipe.jpg (26244 bytes)
Suction Dredge Pipe

Suction dredge pipeline coupling.jpg (29032 bytes)
Suction Dredge Pipeline Coupling

Navigation Ranges.jpg (16866 bytes)
Navigation Ranges

Chris1.jpg (47008 bytes)
Rialto Christensen...

chris2.jpg (48195 bytes)
...finds some...

chris3.jpg (41557 bytes)
...big rocks


Photos by:
El Seņor Jim

August 7, 2001

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.  Reproduction by any means is prohibited without written permission from CZBrats