Cayuco Race - 2000
Gatun Lake Stretch

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Gatun Lake public ramp ...early morning madness.
"Launch the cayucos".

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Dennis Huff backs out the Slave Galley

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Deception crew making sure they get their last minute necessities. "We forgot the bailer"!!

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Jungle Crews heads out to the starting line.  Front Runner also making its way out.

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Lone Star rush
Tito Stabler as point man

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Off to the starting lineup

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Starting lineup for the Gatun Lake leg of the race begins to take

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Trophy boat lineup increases in no time as the start time nears

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Seems a bit quiet for the line up in the foreground

cayuco10.jpg (91812 bytes)
But out there in the background, juggling for the right position still goes

cayuco12.jpg (62072 bytes)
The "Winklers" escort boat doing their pep rallying ...

cayuco11.jpg (60132 bytes)
... with none other than the "Voice of the Cayuco Race", Johnny Bates!!

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Senic Route ponders their thoughts, Rocky Robbins at coxain

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They're off ... on the lake stretch, enjoying the shipping scenery as they
race towards the Banana Channel

cayuco15.jpg (51575 bytes)
Making the turn out of the first islands of the Banana Channel the
Carioca leads...

cayuco16.jpg (40567 bytes)
Second place NIC is only seconds behind in hot pursuit.

cayuco17.jpg (41940 bytes)
Carioca trailing NIC in Buena Vista Reach in the vicinity of the Frijoles


Photographs by
El Seņor Jim


Results "Cayuco 2000"
Place & Captain & Total Time

Trophy Boats
1.  NIC-Hernando Ibaņez-5:33:22
2.  CARIOCA-Tomas Pinzon-5:35:55
3.  LONE STAR-Tito Stabler-5:50:10/
4.  RAPID TRANSIT-Gabe Prieto
5.  ALMOST-Larry Quinn/
6.  SUDDEN IMPACT-Peter Chan
7.  RIO SENALES-Kevin Moss/
8.  DEAR DICK-Pedro Icaza/9th. UTMOST- Jason Husum

1.  DECEPTION-Allison Doubek-6:07:30
2.  JUNGLE CREWS-Joan Gonzalez-6:13:25/
3.  FRONT RUNNER-Cristina Crump-6:40:27
4.  SHORT CUT-Tania Kat-6:49:49

1.  Delfin-Jose Castrellon-6:29:44
2.  FINAL MOST-Roy Dalton-6:49:22
3.  SCENIC ROUTE-Robert Lady-6:54:58/
4.  GONE PALANTE-Michelle Jacobs
5.  THE MOST-Mark O'Masta/
6.  NI'DEA-Angie Whittemore

1.  EXPRESO COMANDO-Moises Betancourt-6:01:55 (Canal Area Police)
2.  PREDATOR-Thomas Morris- 6:05:41
3.  SLAVE GALLEY-Richard Grimison-6:24:00
4.  DEFIANCE-Terry Wong
5.  THE VIKING-Louis Cooper
6.  HIGH ANXIETY-Nelson Estrella
7.  BEE LINE- Jose Gonzalez
8.  RED-ED-Ted Henter
9.  BRUISED REED-Robert Dunn
10. DAUNTLESS-Carlos Best
11. RIO BOQUERON-Ernesto Grant
12. TEQUILA SUNRISE-Norlan Maldonaldo

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.   Reproduction by any means is prohibited with the written permission of CZBrats

April 18, 2000

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