Working on the Panama Canal

Hutchinson Port Company, at the port of Balboa on the Pacific side of the canal continues to expand facilities.  Behind the pier expansion project, the ferry facilities for the Taboga Island launches still operate.   From the looks of the size of one of the tuna fishing vessels behind the pier expansion, I'd say someone is going to have to make special arrangements to get that vessel out of there.   Diablo Spinning Club with Panama City in the background ... the club was given some five years to relocate since the land the club sits on is part of the Hutchinson Port Company operations area.   Dock 14, right foreground, has its new container cranes in place.

Dredge Mindi dredges some 1200-1500 feet off the north soft nose of Pedro Miguel locks.   
Pilots onboard PANAMAX vessels of 964' length x106' beam navigate past the dredge operations with expertise and caution.

Dredging Division has to do their dredging, and shipping has to get by, no matter how much space dredging leaves for shipping to get by on. Centerline of channel has to be dredged out ... so, space is limited at times.  The dredge will swing out of the channel as much as possible, but they still need room for all their equipment and pipeline.
New tie up station construction is ongoing.   Located on the east bank just north of the 2nd bridge, work on the 2nd tie up station progresses.
Panama Railroad Company continues to move containers daily with their specialized container cars.  Picture was taken on the Corozal side of the tracks on the road from Diablo to Corozal.

Photos taken
 May 30, 2004
El Seņor Jim