M/V Jag Rekha, N-1
January 7, 2001

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Photos courtesy of El Seņor Jim

M/V Jag Rekha, N-1, for the day, 7 Jan,2001 called in at Pedro Miguel locks with engine problems saying that engines had been lost going into Pedro Miguel locks.    With the tug needed for transiting the cut, he proceeded.

At the north end of Bas Obispo Reach engines were lost again and the ship took a shear for the west bank just south of the Mandinga River across from the Gamboa Penitentiary.

There is nothing but hard rock in that area, holed the ship right up into the number one cargo hold.   Cargo was steel products, steelplate and steel coils.

When the CPC's took command of the vessel and got her off the bank with four tugs, she immediately took on more water and they were able to get her clear of the channel and into the Gamboa moorings where she sits now.

January 20, 2001

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