Mike Laurenzi's Snapshots of Home
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m&d.jpg (42753 bytes)
Mom & Dad

cspool.jpg (43909 bytes)
At Coco Solo Pool

cshouse.jpg (32810 bytes)
Our house at
Coco Solo

chiva.JPG (80728 bytes)
Look familiar?

3rdcutout.JPG (89527 bytes)
3rd Cut-Out from Gatun Side

gatpool.JPG (77686 bytes)
Gatun Pool

Margchur.JPG (75177 bytes)
Holy Family Church

lion.JPG (67033 bytes)
Lions Club Sign

sherman.JPG (75884 bytes)
Ft. Sherman Gate

car.jpg (38523 bytes)
Mike and his car

CHSjacket.JPG (79457 bytes)
Go Tigers!!

bridge.jpg (57023 bytes)
The Bridge

gatfit.jpg (66725 bytes)
New Sign ...

gatgym.jpg (65013 bytes)
...at old gym

horkok.jpg (46058 bytes)
Sunset at Horoko

mango.JPG (129775 bytes)
Mother of all mangoes

marskate.JPG (91030 bytes)
Margarita Skating Rink

pancty.jpg (65034 bytes)
Panama City Skyline

qtrs1553.jpg (80383 bytes)
Qtrs 1553 Howard AFB

banana.jpg (113941 bytes)
Banana Tree

banyon.JPG (181756 bytes)
Banyon Tree

bufly.jpg (128748 bytes)
Yellow Butterfly

dl.JPG (36013 bytes)Then..

today.JPG (64316 bytes)... and now!!
Gatun - May 1999

birthday.jpg (109827 bytes)32nd Birthday
Panama - May '99

tuba.jpg (18729 bytes)
Mike and his tuba
CHS Graduation 1986

I am glad to call Panamanians and Zonians my friends
All the good times we had in memory will never end
My view on Panama might be different and that might be easy to see
Because my Dad worked for the P.C.C.
In my youth football was our pride
I lived on the Atlantic side and never heard of "THE SLIDE"
So when you write or share your photos with me
I will read them intensely ...
I hope that my memories will do the same
Because like my Grandmother would say ...

"Talking eases the pain"

June 27, 1999

The photographer retains all rights to these photographs. Reproduction without permmission is strictly forbidden. Should you wish to use, copy or publish any of these photographs elsewhere,  please contact CZBrats.

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