Familiar Sights
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Administration Bldg

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Current Air Force

ambeach.jpg (51243 bytes)
Ft. Amador Beach

anchoage.jpg (30504 bytes)
The Anchorage

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Ancon Hill from the Causeway

anhill2.jpg (47258 bytes)
Ancon Hill from the Admin

balelem.jpg (58405 bytes)
Former Balboa Elementary School

Bfsta.jpg (89968 bytes)
Balboa Fire Station

bridge.jpg (45420 bytes)
Bridge of the Americas

BYC1.jpg (62718 bytes)
Rubble at Balboa Yacht Club

BYC2.jpg (60731 bytes)
Seawall of BYC

BYC3.jpg (53511 bytes)
Logo - BYC

causeway.jpg (27577 bytes)
The Causeway

causeway2.jpg (25642 bytes)
Causeway Again!

CZC.jpg (61672 bytes)
The College

bldg5.jpg (59355 bytes)
Building #5
Ft. Amador

bldg5a.jpg (46374 bytes)
No more red tiles!

QH6.jpg (86691 bytes)
Quarters #5
Quarry Heights

bridge4.jpg (53463 bytes)

jacket.jpg (40424 bytes)
The Jacket

Photos by Lesley Hendricks and Dale Cockle

May 23, 1999

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