More Familiar Sights
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By Diablo Boat Ramp

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Parsons Street

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Closeup of Trees

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Goethals Memorial

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The Fountains

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The Krackles

Gldplaque.jpg (50033 bytes)
Gaillard Plaque

mango.jpg (70913 bytes)
Mango Season!!

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Bay of Panama

hqtrsQH.jpg (56551 bytes)

Quarry Heights

pel.jpg (46399 bytes)
Pelicans at Causeway Pier

poinciana.jpg (78703 bytes)
Poinciana Tree

PRR.jpg (31135 bytes)
PRR Logo

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stclds.jpg (33315 bytes)
Storm Clouds

skyline.jpg (23788 bytes)
Panama City Skyline

taboga.jpg (38449 bytes)
Taboga Island

tower.jpg (27089 bytes)
Top of Ancon Hill

Gamboa1.jpg (58572 bytes)
On the Banks of the Chagres

Gamboa2.jpg (68862 bytes)
The Gamboa Resort

Photographs by Lesley Hendricks and El Seņor Jim

May 23, 1999

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