Spending The Day On A Panama Canal Tugboat

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1Cacique helps Shannon.JPG (38138 bytes)
Cacique helps Shannon

1Captains conference.JPG (36143 bytes)
Captains' Conference

1controls.jpg (42459 bytes)
The Controls

1D.P.McAuliffe at dock.JPG (36152 bytes)
D.P. McAuliffe at dock

2Fender repairs.JPG (49041 bytes)
Fender repairs

2Fire drill on McAuliffe.JPG (31426 bytes)
Firedrill on McAuliffe

View of Shannon.JPG (37620 bytes)
View of Shannon

2Katie at helm.JPG (42918 bytes)
Katie at helm

Victor Castillo, Tug Captain.JPG (40445 bytes)
Tug Captain
Victor Castillo

3Omnidirectional Cacique.JPG (41781 bytes)
Omnidirectional Cacique

3Southbound at Miraflores.JPG (30685 bytes)
Southbound at Miraflores

4Tug docks at Miraflores.JPG (28995 bytes)
Tug docks at Miraflores

4Tug races.JPG (20802 bytes)
Tug races

Pictures taken December 2000

4Victor & Katie.JPG (42520 bytes)
Victor Castillo with Katie

Working end of Cacique.JPG (35741 bytes)
Working end of Cacique

2Fire water cannon.JPG (38237 bytes)
Fire Water Cannon

3Nudging Shannon.JPG (41324 bytes)
Nudging Shannon

The Everson Family

April 3, 2001