Recent Panama Pictures
by Steve Uzonyi

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Steve & Fred
Two old vets back in Panama

Bldg. 534
MP barracks

Ancon Inn


Clayton Theatre

Balcony View

And another one!

Behind USAG building

USAG - Bldg 201

Bldg 202

Building near #519

Building #519

Another Chiva

Yet another...

The Canal

Clayton from Miraflores

Clayton Theatre

Harleys on the Causeway

Diablo Clubhouse

Building at Clayton

Clayton entrance

Flag on Ancon Hill

4th of July Ave.

Fred at the locks

Fred at Bldg 203

Ft. Clayton

Ft. Clayton church

Gatun Locks

Clayton housing

More Clayton housing

PanAm Bar
J-K Streets

Lock gates

Miraflores Locks

Looking towards Headdquartrs, Ft. Clayton

Main gate
Ft. Clayton

Looking out the main gate

Miraflores Locks

Miraflores Visitors Center

The Napoli

Clayton NCO Club

New Bridge

Chiva in Balboa

Old Union Club

Old Gran Morrisons

Panama City from Quarry Hts.

President Martin Torrijos' house at Albrook

Clayton PX

Renovations to barracks near NCO Club, Clayton

Steve at Miraflores

Used to be Charlie's Bar

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February 22, 2005