Let's Take a Vacation!!!
This brings back a TON of memories

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Photos generously contributed by
Bill Fall

ColonPier.tif (170064 bytes)
Departing Cristobal

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Life by the pool

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The boats arrive
littleboats2Hati.tif (225187 bytes)
Diving for coins
littleboats3Hati.tif (261148 bytes)
... and fruit!

PortPrincePier.tif (230362 bytes)
Leaving Port-au-Prince

NYCpier.tif (240532 bytes)
New York City skyline
NewYorkPier.tif (230639 bytes)
The Pier at NYC

bybyNYC.tif (226454 bytes)
Here we are!

AllAshore.tif (183354 bytes)
Departing the ship

Presented by CZBrats
December 28, 1998
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