A CZBrat Runs For President!
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Cindy and John McCain

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Congressman Lindsay Graham, Cindy & John McCain, Mayor Bill Rauch

Beaufort, South Carolina

I am NOT a morning person, but made the effort today to be up and across the street to the Mayor's house at 8:00 am so I could take these pictures!!  John McCain's caravan didn't arrive until 8:30 am.   Senator McCain gave a speech that I've heard sound bites from over the past few weeks.  However, I must say that in person the Senator sounds extremely sincere (and he has a sense of humor). There was a Dixieland band playing and some food somewhere (missed it so I could get up close).  Senator McCain had his CZBrat certificate in hand as he entered his car.  I imagine he got a laugh out of it once he saw what it was (it was in an envelope).

...submitted by Lesley

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February 3, 2000

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