James Stanley Gilbert

the American Poet of Panama; the complete and annotated "Panama Patchwork" (this is definitely a work in progress).


Other Poets of Panama
the Canal and the country are celebrated through the years.
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Drake's Drum. English Captain Sir Francis Drake attacked Panama and lies buried in front of the ruined fort of Porto Bello.


Panama Canal Sheet Music

—people used to sing around the piano. Here's some of the music that was popular during the early days, when people were proud of The American Canal at Panama.

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Tracy Robinson of Colon
Robinson's poetry collection 'Song of the Palm' (1888) will be featured here soon, along with excerpts from 'Panama: 1861-1907.' COMING SOON


Some Old Time Watering Holes
the American Cabaret, Kelley's Ritz, Al's, the Atlas and El Rancho... coming soon




Beyond the Chagres River

'Tis said—the story's old—

Are paths that lead to mountains

Of purest virgin gold;

But 'tis my firm conviction,

Whatever tales they tell,

That beyond the Chagres River

All paths lead straight to Hell!

                    James Stanley Gilbert, 1855-1906
                    The American Poet of Panama

Got a light?
Panama Canal Matches, Canal Zone Matches and Panama Rail Road Co. Commissary Matches.

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