Panama Patchwork

Proem, Dedication and Explanatory, 1st Ed.


The Land of the Cocoa-Nut Tree

In the Roar of the Ocean


Beyond the Chagres

The Isthmian Way

The Funeral Train

A Frijoles Washer-Girl

John Aspinwall

-"Cinco Centavos?"

To the Southern Cross

-The Sea-Grape Tree

Woodbine Sally

Isthmian Hymn

The Trade-Wind

A Song of Dry Weather

Yellow Eyes

He Has Gone

The Paradise of Fools

The Busiest Man

While We're Still Living On

The Naked Brown Babies of Bolivar Street

De Profundis

The Wail of the Forgotten

La Cantinera

To the "Crab"

Our Gurl Mary

That Excellent Heart

The Man Who Is Always Right

A Panama Lullaby

-A Tropic Nocturne

San Lorenzo

-Our Little Landscape

-The Waning Moon

The Never-Failing Friend

King Fever

-The Song of the Mosquito

-"No Ice"

The Sand-Fly

The Song of the Prickly Heat

-Song of the Misanthrope

-A Marvel



He'll Never Die

When the Trade-Wind Blows Again

-"To Blame?"

On Roncador

-The Visit

A New Year's Rainbow

The Comrades of the Pleasant Past

To Mnemosyne

B.C. 2000

-Our Uncle Sam

Chiarini and His Elephant

-In Memoriam

-The Epitaph

-Saints' Rest

Two Words

Then and Now

Fidus Achates



A Toast

-Saint Patrick


-Me Too

-Little Jamaica Man

Beneath the Rose

At Sunset Time

I Think of Thee

She Sends her Love

To Violet

These Awful Days

The Happiest Time


Only a Weed

Simple Aveu

"The Old Familiar Faces"

"Old Comrade"

The Prayer of a Timid Man

If Ye Weep


The Wave

Job and Another

Let Me Alone

Au Revoir

Victoria the Woman

A Sprig of Sage-Brush

The Minority


The Portal and the Door

To John Payne

A Ship of Mist

We Linger Still

-When I Am Dead

To Him Who Waits

-My Wicker Jug

The Sweet Old Story

The Fall of Old Panama

The Land of the Cacique

On the Brow of the Hill