Ring-a-levio Rules
Contributed by:  Charlie Norris and Mary Keller

l. Choose two teams of any number of persons that want to play.

2. Draw circle on ground large enough to have one team standing in circle.

3. Throw a pointed stick in the air between one member of each team. Where the stick points after the toss -- that team runs out and hides while the other team enters the drawn circle and counts slowly to 100.

4. At the end of the count, those players run out to find the other team players.

5. When a hidden team member is found and tagged by an insuing team member, they automatically give up and go to prison which is the  original drawn circle. This continues until all are captured and put in prison. (Then it's the other team's chance to hide when all are caught and returned to the circle.

6. In the meantime, if the prison circle is left unguarded, members in the circle can be automatically freed by another of their team running through the circle and saying "ring-o-levio" without being touched by an opposite team player while doing so.

Note:  From Dave Furlong,  "The only story I've ever come across that mentions ring-a-levio was set in Brooklyn:

Presented by CZBrats
August 4, 1998
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