ROOSEVELT MEDAL DESCENDANTS, legally constituted in Panama as a not-for-profit organization, exists for the following primary purposes:


to preserve the memory of American citizens who were engaged in the construction of the Panama Canal, and who, for their noble effort, were awarded the Roosevelt Medal by the President of the United States.


to establish an association of descendants of Roosevelt Medal recipients to promote civic and cultural activities designed to honor the contribution of their forebears in the construction of the Panama Canal.


to encourage research and investigation related to the role of Roosevelt Medal recipients in the creation of the Panama Canal.


to disseminate information, and to conduct public ceremonies to ensure that the historic achievement of Roosevelt Medal recipients is not forgotten.

ROOSEVELT MEDAL DESCENDANTS assemble at the Panama Canal on or about August 15 every year to pay tribute to United States citizens employed in the building of the Canal.

All direct descendants of Roosevelt Medal recipients are eligible to apply for membership in ROOSEVELT MEDAL DESCENDANTS. For further information contact Marc Quinn

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