Scanning and Mailing Pictures - A Mini Lesson
by Bob Askew

This simple lesson is about sending photos on-line via email. Believe it or not, it is pretty easy to do.

First, you'll need to get your photo in the proper digital a file on your computer or a floppy disk. There are several formats for images, but the most popular way to encode a photo for online use is called JPEG...called "jay-peg." (Trivia: JPEG means Joint Photographic Experts Group.) This is where a group of photo/computer nerds got together and figured out a neat way to encode images.

If you don't own your own scanner, what you can do is use your handy office supply store, such as OfficeMax, Kinko's, etc. to scan your photos. Costs a few bucks. Mine charges $4.

So here's what you do -- after you've found the photos you want to have scanned (be SURE to grab a blank floppy disk to take with you) go to the store and find where they do the scanning.

Tell the person you want to get some photos scanned in JPEG format. Hand over your photos and your blank floppy. The store person will probably need a file name so try some meaningful names like "prom66," etc.

One other thing to consider. Scanning involves something called "resolution" which refers to how dense and sharp the image will be.

Here's a guide:
--Images that will be solely for web use should be scanned in at no more than 72 dpi since that isabout the max resolution on any current monitor.

--If scanned in for printing on an HP Deskjet then they should be no more than 300 dpi. (dpi means dots per inch, a measure of resolution).

In this case the prom photos will be reprinted so specifiy at least 300dpi.

So rush home and view the new images on your computer:

With Windows95, one way is to use your "My Computer" icon/program.

a. Stick your disk in the drive (usually called the A: drive).

b. Double click "My Computer" icon and then the icon for "3 1/2 Floppy

c. Now you should see file icons and names for all the files stored on
the disk.

d. Pick one and double click...and *bingo* the image should open!!

If you like what you see, now is the time to send it. The best way to send pics to others is as an attachment to email.

If you don't know by now, there are different email programs, but for all the process is very similar:

-Start a new email message with a description of the photo.

-Make sure your floppy with photos is in the disk drive.

-Look for the word "Attach" on your menu bar and specify and attach the proper file. Here is where each email program is different, but remember that the image is on a floppy in the A: drive.

-So after the proper image file is attached, you should see something like an attachment icon showing that you've attached a file to your email.

-All that's left is to address the email and send!!

Presented by CZBrats
January 12, 1999
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