The History Day Project
Brian & Cory
"The Fab Duo"

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Brian & Cory in front of their exhibit board

Brian and Cory competed in the Humboldt County History Day with their project entitled "The Panama Canal: Technology Divides the Land". They placed first and went on to compete in Anaheim, Ca. at the State History Day Competition. Their project focused on the engineering and medical inventions and discoveries used in the building of the canal. They also highlighted the canal's impact on shipping, the economy, and military use.

Dear Everyone,

Thank you all for your help, without you we couldn't have represented Humboldt County at the California State Finals. We made it into the last judging round, which put us in the top dozen of the state. We weren't picked for the Nationals, but really enjoyed being able to compete.

You guys made doing this project fun. Everyone was really great to help us out and we can't say thank you enough times. Sorry we couldn't get back to you all sooner, but our cable modem burnt out and had to be replaced.

The Panama Canal Rules!             
Brian and Cory

September 27, 1999

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