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Courtesy of El Senor Jim

"El Senor Jim" is our intrepid Panama Canal Pilot who, luckily for us, carries his digital camera to work.  He's kind enough to send us some of his output.  We only want to know just HOW many Pacific sunrises this web site can hold!!  Thanks, Jim, from CZBrats everywhere!!

ball-c.gif (326 bytes) Pier 18 and Port Captain's Building ball-y.gif (326 bytes) Tugboat Manuever
ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Contractors Hill Looking Northwest ball-b.gif (326 bytes) Atlantic Side Sunrise
ball-m.gif (326 bytes) Gold Hill Looking North ball-c.gif (326 bytes) CHS Swimming Pool Demolition
ball-r.gif (326 bytes) Balboa Yacht Club ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Pier 18 Facelift
ball-y.gif (326 bytes) Fixer Upper ball-m.gif (326 bytes) Balboa Harbor
ball-b.gif (326 bytes) Rare Sight in Panama ball-r.gif (326 bytes) Where Have All The Vendors Gone?
ball-c.gif (326 bytes) Tight Squeeze ball-y.gif (326 bytes) Fort Amador Resort Marina
ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Fort Amador Golf Course ball-b.gif (326 bytes) Cement Mixer Facilities
ball-m.gif (326 bytes) Amador Road ball-c.gif (326 bytes) Pier 18 -- Progress Report
ball-r.gif (326 bytes) Panama Railroad Yard ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Another View of Sosa Hill
ball-y.gif (326 bytes) Preventative Maintenance? ball-m.gif (326 bytes) Panama Railroad Under Siege
ball-b.gif (326 bytes) El Estadio Restaurant ball-r.gif (326 bytes) On La Boca Road
ball-c.gif (326 bytes) Weeds! ball-y.gif (326 bytes) Panama Canal Pilot Building
ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Even More Weeds! ball-b.gif (326 bytes) Knights of Columbus - Balboa
ball-m.gif (326 bytes) On A Wing And A Prayer ball-c.gif (326 bytes) More Panama Railroad Demolition
ball-r.gif (326 bytes) Dawn On The Causeway ball-g.gif (211 bytes) Gatun Locks Dry Chamber

Background Picture: Barnabey Street
Courtesy of El Senor Jim

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