History Of The Panama Canal
Ira E. Bennett

Historical Publishing Company
Washington, DC 1915

Excerpts from History of the Panama Canal

Chapter XIV
The Panama Railroad

Chapter XX
The Sanitary Department

Chapter XXI
The Canal Under Wallace

Chapter XXII
The Stevens Regime

Chapter XXIII
The Coming of Goethals

Chapter XXIV
Culebra Cut

Chapter XXV
Building the Dams

Chapter XXVI
The Story of the Locks

Chapter XXX
Living Conditions in the Zone

Chapter XXVIII
The Canal Army

Chapter XXXIV
The Canal Government

Chapter XXXV
Building the Foundations
by John F. Wallace

Chapter XXXVI
The Railroad Men At Panama
by Theodore P. Shonts

Chapter XXXVII
The Truth of History
by John F. Stevens

Chapter LII
American Industries and the Canal
The Canal & The Camera
Canal Army's Recreation

Background Photo: Culebra Cut, 1904
December 4, 2003

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