Embera-Wounaan Cultural Festival
Embera Puru, Darien
October 1999

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The_Embera_National_Anthem.jpg (61171 bytes)
El Cacique plays the Embera National Anthem

Do_ya_wanna_dance.jpg (110413 bytes)
Do ya wanna dance

An_unfavorable_dance_review.jpg (91001 bytes)
Instant Dance Review

Embera_Puru_Convention_Center.jpg (122553 bytes)
The audience

Cacique's_opening_remarks.jpg (95761 bytes)
The Cacique's opening remarks

Cultural_imperialism.jpg (110083 bytes)
Things go better with ...

Full_Regalia.jpg (88165 bytes)
In full regalia

Arimae_Cultural_Center.jpg (94952 bytes)
Arimae Cultural Center

Food_preparation_1.jpg (101419 bytes)
Preparing ...

Food_preparation_2.jpg (93718 bytes)
... the feast

Embera_system_of_justice.jpg (113825 bytes)
The stocks ... Embera form of punishment

The_art_sale.jpg (115354 bytes)
The Art Sale

Photographs courtesy of The Panama News 
Photographers - Carlos Navarro and Eric Jackson

November 10, 1999

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