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Though now but an old ruined city
  Deep buried in sorrow and tears,
Which broods 'mid a whispering silence
  Of other, and happier years;

Though only the lap of a wavelet
  Break gently the stillness and gloom
Where moss-covered cornice and tower
  Loom stark 'neath the pale tropic moon;

Though only the curl of a palm frond
  Reflecting the stars' eerie light,
Replies to the sigh of the Trade Winds
  And echoes the silence of night;

Though now but a tombstone to glories
  And hopes of a day long gone by,
Old Panama, agéd but ageless,
  Lives on -- while the centuries die!

From:  Ravelings From A Panama Tapestry by Sue Core
Illustration by Esther Alethea Richards
North River Press, Inc., New York, N.Y.m 1933
Reprinted June, 1942

October 3, 1999