August 24-27, 2006

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Doubletree Inn
The fun begins

Fred Wells
(all the way from Australia)
& Juanita (Ensey) Heiser

Bonita (Ensey) Leavitt

Lesley Hendricks
Milt Thompson
Gail (Mabry) Ferrick

Barbara (Ellis) Witkos
& Carol (Farbman) Schwartz


Rick Prevost (BHS 65)
& Shirley (Blumberg) Leffler

Monty Schwartz
Doug & Lil Webster
George Dimitriadis

Bob Krajczynski
Carol (Farbman) Schwartz, Rick Prevost (BHS 65) & Shirley (Blumberg) Leffler

Bob Krajczynski
Carol (Farbman) Schwartz

Roberta Evans
Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski & Paula (Craig) Gordon

Sandie Blackmon & Carole (Salonick) Barber

Paula (Craig) Gordon, Roberta Evans & Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski

Sandie Blackmon, Joe & Sherry (Sabo) Hozack, Rick Prevost, Carol (Farbman) Schwartz & Kathy (Fallon) Castleman

Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski, Craig & Edna (Glass) Knight

Craig Snyder, Edna (Glass) Knight, Ted Arias Jr. (BHS 59) & Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski

Paula (Craig) Gordon, Jim Hicks & Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski

Claire McNaught & Gene Hermanny

Mike McClure, Leigh & Paula (Craig) Gordon

Lerlene (Hayden) Perra, Anne (Gilley) & Judge Tease, Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski

Sherry (Sabo) Hozack & Paula (Craig) Gordon
(Can you believe we dressed like that back then!)


Betsy Brown with daughter Ali &
 Gail (Mabry) Ferrick


Shirley (Blumberg) Leffler &
Rick Provost
(at the Vendue Inn)


Paula (Craig) Gordon, Dan & Sandie Blackmon & Kathie (Lavallee) Sears
(at the Vendue Inn)

Kathy (Lavalle) Sears & Claire McNaught

 Beth (Brown) Schmidt &
Barbara (Brown) Coleman (BHS 59)
at the Vendue Inn

Larry Simpson, Marsha (Sutherland) McNamara & Vicki (Dunning) Howe (atop the Vendue Inn)

Sherry (Sabo) and Joe Hozack & JoAnn Simpson
(atop the Vendue Inn)

Carol (Farbman) and Monty Schwartz

Carol (Farbman) Schwartz
(Watch out buster!!!)

Cinders (Murdock) Vaughn & Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski
(after the Vendue)

Edna (Glass) Knight

Kathy Lavalle Sears &
Jane Hearne Krajczynski

Edna (Glass) Knight, Carol (Farbman) Schwartz, Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski & Paula (Craig) Gordon

Betsy (Bell) Williams

Gene Hermanny presenting the “Infamous Golf Awards”

Ed Tease, Lerlene (Hayden) Perra, Anne (Gilley) Tease, Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski, Kathy (Fallon) & Larry Castleman

Dancing to Lucho

Dancing to Lucho

Marsha (Sutherland) McNamara

Paula (Craig) Gordon & Monty Schwartz

Jane (Hearne) Krajczynski & Gene Hermanny

Mike and Sue (Dessert) McClure

Sue (Dessert) McClure & Tom Whitley


Photos:  Courtesy of Bob Krajczynski

These photographs are the exclusive property of the photographer.  Reproduction by any means is prohibited without the written permission of CZBrats

September 10, 2006